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Description: The perps roughly shoving the terrified and pleading victim into a room at gunpoint with her hands bound behind her. They rough her up and sexually assault her, while slowly stripping her, at times using a knife to cut away her clothing. The couple sexually assaults her at gun and knife point, torturing her and tasering her for their wicked pleasure. The violence escalates when they tie her up in a chair against a pole and take turns strangling her by turning a stick to tighten the rope that is wrapped tightly around the pillar. During the torture, the couple takes tuns eating her pussy before the male shoves his cock down her throat, forcing her to gag and take it before fucking her deep and spraying his cum all over her belly. With the sexual aspect of fun over, they shift their focus to tightening the rope and watching her strangle to death as the female killer greedily fondles and admires the victims beautiful pair of shapely tits. They enjoy the victim’s twitch to its last before walking away hand in hand.

Tsukasa - 姫トランス Presents Tsukasa MixTsukasa - 姫トランス Presents Tsukasa MixTsukasa - 姫トランス Presents Tsukasa MixTsukasa - 姫トランス Presents Tsukasa Mix