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The Living Daylights ends up being a very unique Bond film. It was released in 1987, and up until then audiences had been enjoying the eye-brow raising, sly-witted, out of this world ( literally ) adventures of Roger Moore over seven Bond films spanning 12 years. Timothy Dalton, the new actor in the role of James Bond, had originally been offered a chance between Sean Connery and Roger Moore, but still being in his early 20s in 1968, he felt he was too young to play Bond.

1540s, "having life," later (1610s) "burning, glowing," a shortening of alive (.). Sense of "containing unspent energy or power" ( live ammunition , etc.) is from 1799. Meaning "in-person" (of performance) is first attested 1934. Live wire is attested from 1890; figurative sense of "active person" is from 1903.

James Bond is assigned to aid the defection of a KGB officer, General Georgi Koskov, covering his escape from a concert hall in Bratislava , Czechoslovakia during intermission. During the mission, Bond notices that the KGB sniper assigned to prevent Koskov's escape is a female cellist from the orchestra. Disobeying his orders to kill the sniper, he instead shoots the rifle from her hands, then uses the Trans-Siberian Pipeline to smuggle Koskov across the border into Austria and then on to Britain.

The Living Daylights - Any Way You WantThe Living Daylights - Any Way You WantThe Living Daylights - Any Way You WantThe Living Daylights - Any Way You Want