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I wish to express my thanks to Ian MacCorquodale of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, for these fine photographs. Ian waited for ideal lighting conditions before photographing Sackville, and put great effort into capturing her essence. It shows in these excellent photographs. A ship as important in WW2 naval history as the Flower Class Corvette deserves as much, and Ian has done her justice.
HMCS Sackville
1939-40 Program Flower Class Corvette
Vital Statistics
Displacement: 950 tons
Length: 205'  Beam: 33'  Draft: '
Propulsion: 4-cylinder triple expansion steam engine, 2,750 hp, 16 knots
Range: 3,500 nm @ 12 knots
Armament : one 4" Mk IX gun forward, two 20mm Oerlikon cannons,
single 2 pdr (40mm) pom-pom in aft gun tub , one Hedgehog ASW mortar,
four Mk II depth charge throwers, two depth charge rails, 70 depth charges
Radar: Type 271 surface search, SW2C or 2 CP air warning
Sonar: Type 145
Complement: 85 - 95 Click thumbnail image to view full size picture

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Sackville - The Principles Of ScienceSackville - The Principles Of ScienceSackville - The Principles Of ScienceSackville - The Principles Of Science