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S till, the director deserves some kind of prize purely for working out how best to use Renner, who gives his subtlest, most rivetingly individual performance in years here. As a hunter, Lambert is sharply attuned to the hostility of this terrain – but that awareness is compounded by a heartbreaking event in his own past, and seeing justice done in this case becomes a way of salving his soul’s still-gaping wounds. 

 · Somewhere along the way, our culture adopted the idea that learning wasn't fun - that to inspire children, we needed to entertain them. We needed to ...

You can help end this cruelty. Order  PETA’s free vegan starter kit , and we’ll send you tips and recipes to help you remove chickens and other animals from your diet today.

Production companies: NGF Geyrhalter Film, Looks Filmproduktionen
Cast: Maria Dragus, Devid Striesow, Lukas Miko, Katja Kolm, Maresi Riegner, Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg, Stefanie Reinsperger, Susanne Wuest, Christoph Luser
Director: Barbara Albert
Screenplay: Kathrin Resetarits, based on the novel Mesmerized by Alissa Walser
Producers: Michael Kitzenberger, Wolfgang Widerhofer, Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Markus Glaser, Martina Haubrich, Gunnar Dedio
Director of photography: Christine A. Maier
Production designer: Katharina Woeppermann
Costume designer: Veronika Albert
Editor: Niki Mossboeck
Casting: Lisa Olah
Sales: Films Distribution
Venue: Toronto Film Festival (Platform)

Between 2000 and 2014, the number of internet users on the continent grew from million to 298 million: a growth rate of 6,500%, almost ten times the global average (Internet World Statistics, June 2014).

Thinking differently about chickens? Enjoy the poignant stories of Autumn and Willow - two lucky chickens who each escaped the cruel fate that factory farming had intended for them.

Inquisitive - Still In LoveInquisitive - Still In LoveInquisitive - Still In LoveInquisitive - Still In Love