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I agree with the janitor, I loved the Nasty Boys as a kid too. Their feud with Harlem Heat and the Blue Bloods was the best tag team action at that time. I missed out on the 80s WWF, I didn’t start watching wrestling until 1994, so when Hogan and friends came over to WCW it was all new to me.

The single which is taken off her recently released “Sugarcane” EP has received rave reviews since its arrival. The vibrant video was shot at the African Shrine by Meji Alabi .

In 2013, Nasty C’s voice hadn’t even broken yet. He was 16, but he was already spitting venom. “I’m ready to do whatever it takes to be a G/ Even though I’m not required much being me/ The people that believed in me or Nasty C just had to see what I see inside of me/ it’s a curse that can’t be defeated.” The flow was intact, too, and he was already rapping in those long spontaneous lines that are all over his work. On “He Said,” a track off his 2014 EP C ., the Durban rapper spat heartfelt lyrics about his relationship with rap, over a fitting moody instrumental. He showed potential, it was only a matter of time before the whole country took note.

The Nasty Boys reappeared in both parts of "Reunion" where, teamed with the Savage Land Mutates . They proved to be quite imposing to the X-Men, whom Sinister had rendered powerless. The X-Men eventually regained their powers, freed Morph from Sinister completely, and defeated Sinister and the Boys. After leaving the Savage Land, the Boys reappeared with Sinister in all four parts of "Beyond Good and Evil". Vertigo apparently accompanied them (Sinister had given her a Magneto -inspired energy boost in "Reunion") and was made into a member, despite her female status. (In the comics, Vertigo was originally a member of the Savage Land Mutates, but then ended up joining the Marauders and helped to annihilate most of the Morlocks during the " Mutant Massacre ".)

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